The AR-5 Tapes:

Three clear, easy to understand VHS video tapes study Mike Arnold's one-of-a-kind, world record setting, AR-5.

TAPE 1, "Why it goes so fast", documents the efficient AR-5's record runs and clearly explains the simple drag reduction concepts used to achieve its surprising performance on such low horsepower. With comments by aerodynamicist, Bruce Carmichael. Great discussion on interference drag. Lists references. Over an hour, $29.95

TAPE 2, "How it's made", details the engine installation and the airframe's novel structural design, and completely demonstrates all the easy, moldless, hot-wired, foam and fiberglass construction processes used on the fuselage, wing and tail surfaces. Inspects crash damage. The AR-5 from inside out. Almost two hours, $39.95

TAPE 3, "Moldless, low drag wheelpants", is a close-up study of the design and fabrication of the AR-5's custom fiberglass landing gear fairings. "The cleanest landing gear I've ever seen", says Bruce Carmichael. Each wheelpant weighs only 2.35 pounds. Every step is shown, from initial research, through foam carving, to final paint and installation. Over an hour, $29.95

ALSO; "Making fiberglass molds", chronicles development of a beautiful six piece, molded fiberglass aircraft cargo pod to show each simple design and fabrication technique used to produce a set of low cost, professional quality, production molds. From first sketches, through master patterns, to finished parts, you watch it all happen. Over an hour, $29.95

Normal NTSC VHS Video only (we don't have them in European PAL or BETA).

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